In the quest for modern, efficient, and space-saving home mobility solutions, Cube Elevators have emerged as a groundbreaking option that combines cutting-edge technology with affordability. Offering a distinctive square design and the capacity to travel up to two stops, Cube Elevators provide a versatile and budget-friendly alternative to traditional home elevators.


Pneumatic Technology: Redefining Elevator Efficiency


The hallmark feature of Cube Elevators lies in their utilization of innovative Pneumatic Technology, setting them apart as the world’s only air-driven home elevators. As passengers step into the elevator cabin, the machinery initiates the ascent by extracting air from the top, creating a vacuum that propels the cabin upwards smoothly and safely. On the descent, the intake of air within the cylinder is expertly controlled, harnessing gravity to lower the cabin with utmost precision and comfort.


Elegantly Compact and Self-Supporting Design


Cube Elevators boast a self-supporting design that adds to their charm and practicality. Resting securely on the existing ground floor of any home, these elevators require minimal pre-construction preparations, allowing for greater installation flexibility. Each Cube Elevator is tailored to fit the specific floor-to-floor heights of individual projects, accommodating up to two stops or a total rise of 50 feet.


360-Degree Visibility: Elevating the Experience


A standout feature of Cube Elevators is their transparent, polycarbonate cylindrical shaft, providing passengers with a breathtaking 360-degree view inside the cabin. This panoramic visibility grants passengers the luxury of enjoying scenic vistas as they traverse between floors, turning every elevator ride into a captivating experience.


Minimal Maintenance for Maximum Convenience


Unlike traditional residential elevators that necessitate the use of oils, gases, or lubricants, Cube Elevators operate without such components, resulting in significantly reduced maintenance requirements. According to the internationally recognized certification from the manufacturer, the only maintenance needed involves servicing the proprietary seal after approximately 15,000 lifts, ensuring hassle-free ownership.


Seamless Installation Process


The installation of Cube Elevators follows a well-structured and convenient process, carried out by authorized and trained distributors worldwide. A thorough on-site assessment is conducted by a sales manager, working in conjunction with local representatives, to determine the optimal placement of the elevator and assess any modifications necessary for a seamless installation. Upon gathering the essential details, a formal quotation is provided, ensuring transparency and clarity for homeowners.


Versatility in Application


Cube Elevators are remarkably versatile and can be deployed in both through-floor and balcony-mounted applications, catering to various spatial requirements. For through-floor installations, a finished hole in the floor must be slightly larger than the diameter of the selected elevator model. Alternatively, for balcony-mounted setups, the elevator is securely attached to an upper floor mezzanine via a balcony landing, attachment, or extension, ensuring convenient access to the upper level.


Meeting Installation Requirements


The installation of Cube Elevators entails specific pre-construction requisites, depending on the chosen model and the layout of the home. These requirements may encompass the establishment of a 220-volt, single-phase power supply, ensuring a wide entryway to facilitate the transportation of elevator cylinders, and the installation of a temporary eye bolt for stacking the cylinders safely. Homeowners are advised to liaise with their local representatives to ascertain the specific requirements pertinent to their Cube Elevator installation.

Final verdict


Cube Elevators revolutionize home mobility solutions through their state-of-the-art Pneumatic Technology, contemporary design, and cost-effective nature. With exceptional 360-degree visibility, minimal maintenance, and a streamlined installation process, Cube Elevators represent a compelling choice for those seeking a cutting-edge elevator experience without compromising on quality or affordability. 


Embrace the future of home elevators with Cube Elevators today!